What Does Progress Over Perfection Mean?
The statement, progress over perfection, is exactly what it sounds like. Perfection is a state that we will never meet, no matter how hard we try, and yet we keep chasing it! Why do you think that is?
I am writing this as the first week of January 2023 is ending. Looking over the past week I see many actions and steps toward my goals that were not completed. If I was looking at it from a standpoint of perfection I would quit now and stay right where I am…no progress made on anything.
But I chose to keep pressing forward and count my progress as a victory and use that as momentum to move forward. You see, perfection will only keep us imprisoned in a place of lack. And you cannot accomplish anything when you are working from lack. You are on the wrong side of things starting out,  already aware there is not enough…not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy…simply not enough resources to complete the task. This causes us to stop, to freeze, and progress not only suffers, but most of the time it stops completely.
Perfection is a word we should remove from our vocabulary. Only one is perfect and that is God. In this flawed world, we will never reach the status of perfection. We need to stop expecting perfection from ourselves and others and start embracing the messy, flawed, and beautiful part of each of us.
I chose to kick perfection to the curb! To be OK with missing an action step or two. To be OK with eating off plan at times. To choose peace over worry. What if what you are doing isn’t done exactly how you or someone else thinks it should be done? It’s OK. Breathe, give yourself grace and move on. This is my choice, and you need to consider it too!
We need to do all we do with excellence. Put forth our best efforts and do the very best we can when we can. But we need to realize that our best will never be perfect.
I invite you today to join me in letting go of perfect and embracing the flawed mess that each of us is. Do what you are called to do with excellence and breathe when you trip up.
With All My Love…Cindy


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