Why I Believe We Are All Creative!
I have had so many people tell me they are not creative. And you may think that about yourself.  Let me ask you a question. How can you, who are created in the image of God, not be creative? The very One whose image we bear is creative. Don’t you think He passed that part of Himself on to us? I believe so. 
Maybe part of the problem lies in what you view as creativity.  You need to understand that not all creativity is shown in being artistic, writing, crafting. Creativity is also having a great idea and implementing it. Hospitality, cooking, teaching, serving, etc., all come under that heading of creativity. My advice has always been, start doing things that pique your interest. Things you would like to try. Follow the directions, then do it again and again. After a while, the creativity will start to flow.
Years ago, someone said to me that if you have a talent and you don’t use it, it will wither up. This is a true principle of life. I have played it out in my own life. Writing was something I started when I was young. My first memory was writing a small story when I was in the 2nd grade which my teacher had published in the school newspaper. For years after that, I wrote poems, short stories, whatever came to mind. In high school, my English teacher took me under her wing and encouraged me to write more. I excelled in her class, joined the school newspaper, which she sponsored, and I wrote often. But, after attending a semester of college I stopped writing. I blamed this on a couple of professors I thought had tried to change my writing style.. Looking back, I believe they were trying to improve on it. The real reason I stopped was, I was lazy and thought I had more important things to do.
I have few regrets in my life, simply because I choose to not live that way. Having said that, I do have one that haunts me. My dream as a teenager and young adult was to write books and have my dad illustrate them. He was a gifted artist, who practiced his creativity. It was one of those dreams that will never happen now. My dad passed away over 20 years ago.
Today, I encourage you to dig deep. Find your creative gene and exercise it. You may not be an artist, a writer, a crafter, etc. But you may find your creative gene in ideas, planning events, serving with grace. If you don’t have an idea where to start, look up, ask our Father to show you.


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