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A Little About Me
I'm Cindy and my purpose in life is to serve the Lord with all my heart. Service has brought me to teaching Bible study, mentoring, and creating products to help pull other women out of the fires I have walked through myself.

Join me here as I walk out my journey with you, sharing my missteps along with my victories.

Two Paths to Walk With Me!

Hi Y'all!
I'm Cindy, a teacher, encourager, and mentor.  My journey has
been to find my purpose by aligning my heart with 
who I am and more importantly...Whose I am!

My Blog - Life & Lagniappe!

I call my blog, Life & Lagnaippe. In Louisiana lagnaippe (lan yap) means "a little something extra". That's exactly what you fill find in my blog...a little something extra!


How I Went From "You Can't" to Watch Me!

Have you ever been told you can’t? How did that make you feel? Less than, unworthy, incapable? While working in the HR Training and Development Department for a major telecom, I was told that very thing. As I sat in on and helped the department facilitators with training, a fire started within me, and I knew with my God-given gifts that was what I wanted to do. The problem was the big “you can’t” I was presented with. 


Are You as Tired of the Pivot as I Am?

We hear everyone these days using the word pivot.  I understand why, it’s an easy word to describe the ever-turning of our lives, the detours, and missteps.
But I want us to consider a few different words for these events. Looking into a Thesaurus, I found words that sounded truer to what I feel is happening. Words that also were to me delightful, even beautiful.

How about we change the word pivot to...(Click here to continue reading)

Time With God, Sunrise With Abba

Is spending time with God essential to your day? Do you yearn for the time each day you can get alone with Him, read His word, talk to Him, and sit quietly in His presence?
I start each morning early, sitting quietly in my living room with Michael, my Bible, and a cup of coffee. After I finish my first cup...(To continue reading click here)

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