Hot to Avoid Detours and Slow Downs in Life
Have you ever gotten to a place in your life where you needed to stop, turn around and start over? Or maybe it’s not a complete turnaround but a slowdown, a speed bump.
This has happened to me more than a few times. I can remember being a little dismayed, and very frustrated when discovering the direction I thought was the right one, is actually a dead-end road. I can remember being sure of something I needed to do, something I needed to create. It had been well thought out, talked over with a trusted friend and I had started to implement the first steps. Then as I was working on it, I realized, I was totally off base on what I should be doing. I was positive this would be a waste of my time and energy.
Frustration set in and honestly, I felt “off” for a while. Trying to figure out how on earth I got that wrong and what I was going to do now.
When this happens to me, the best thing for me to do is…go back to the Source. Spend time in prayer, journaling, meditation… It is also helpful for me to go back through my journal. Search for where this idea was birthed and see if there is possibly a hint to the correct direction.
The most frustrating part when this happens is the thought, “Am I not “listening” to the Holy Spirit?” Keep in mind, it may not be the listening that is an issue, but the understanding of what is being said.
To help prevent this in the future I am doing the following:
  •           Listening until I know that I know what I am hearing I am also understanding.
  •           Not talking about it with anyone until I know that I know.
  •           Staying “tuned in” while executing the idea for any shifts that need to be made.
As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of the next, I encourage you to stop and listen before you set your goals for next year. When you start to hear, then take the time to be sure you understand…then sit with what you have received for a bit longer until you fully know. Then as you write down your goals and your action steps to execute them, stay “tuned in”. Listen for the subtle shifts you may need to make. But don’t stop listening once you have established your goals and action steps. Continue to listen, because as you grow, as you learn, and as you work towards your goals, I promise there will be more shifts you will need to navigate!
Following the above steps will help you to navigate any detours with grace and ease!
Love you,


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