Are You Waiting for the Perfect Time to Start?
When we start something new, like a diet, or working toward any new goal, we tend to wait until the time is perfect to start. I have good news for you! No more waiting, the perfect time is right now, today!!
There is nothing magical about waiting until a Monday, the first of the month or even January 1. There is no wand waving, or fairy dust that happens at midnight on any of those days. I promise, there isn’t.
Today is the day! And there is no better day than today to start whatever you have been waiting to start. Let me tell you what will happen if you wait.
First, you are losing valuable time you could be working towards that goal. A few days may not sound like much, but it can make all the difference in the world to your overall drive forward on accomplishment. Let’s say you set a goal to lose twenty pounds this next year. How would you feel if you started the year with a dent in that number? Would it feel so much better to be looking at fifteen pounds instead of twenty? I believe it would.
Second, delaying it tends to set us up for bad behaviors before the magic day to begins come around. Let’s look at that twenty-pound weight loss mentioned above. So today you have set the goal to lose twenty pounds in the new year and you are going to start on New Years Day. Most of our minds put us into a panic that we are not going to be able to eat anything we enjoy from that day forward or at least until we get to our goal weight. And even after the weight is gone, we will need to be careful, so we don’t gain it all back. So, what do we do? We eat everything we love, in excess leading up to New Years Day. The result is an extra couple of pounds to lose, so instead of twenty pounds we can now add another two to five pounds to our original goal.
Third, setting up a special day to start a goal, like losing weight can set us up for failure on the first day. Have you ever stated a diet on a Monday? Monday is traditionally a difficult day as it is. If you work out of the home, you know what I am talking about. And why start a diet on a holiday. Instead, start early and be prepared for snacking that day with good, healthy foods that will make you feel good about yourself and your choices.
You can apply the above to any goal you have. With that in mind I encourage you to start today, don’t wait for the perfect time. You are there right now, today is the perfect day, the perfect time.

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- Cindy Dement -


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