How Is the Rhythm of Your Life?
When I was a child, we lived in central Louisiana. I have such good memories of growing up in the sixties in that area. One of them has to do with a home I visited often and was fascinated with. This home belonged to the Albright family, and I was good friends with their daughter Charlotte.
The backyard rolled down to a little creek, where there sat a greenhouse. Inside the house, when you first walked in from the carport, there sat a birdcage. I was fascinated by the fact they had a bird…in their house. In the bathroom, there was a jar with a liquid and combs. So many things were different from my house, and I was delighted to see them all.
The thing that held my attention the most though, was the metronome that sat on their piano in the living room. We were not a musical family so this was another foreign object to me. I loved to move the weight up and down to make the tick, tick, tick vary in speed.
A couple of years ago, while at an estate sale, I found a metronome and I was taken immediately back to the Albright’s living room. I could picture myself on the piano bench, playing with the metronome. Naturally, I picked this one up and brought it home…after paying for it of course.
This metronome has come to represent the rhythm of life for me. The weight on the arm that determines the pace of the instrument, is a symbol of the weight and cares of my life. Keeping my fears and concerns to myself, down in my heart, causes my life to move at a pace that is frantic, and hard to keep up with. But as I move the weights and cares of my life up and lift them to the Lord, the hurried pace of life slows to a steady rhythm, one that is easy to keep pace with.
What are you doing with the weights and cares of your life? I encourage you to lift them up, out of the depths and give them to God. He will take them; give you rest, and the pace of your life will ease.


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