Sunrise With Abba

Sunrise With Abba

March 31, 2017

Spending time each day with my Father, my Abba* has transformed my life. I yearn for the time each day you can get alone with Him, read His word, talk to Him, and sit quietly in His presence. Have you established a time to spend with Him each day? Doing so can transform you also.

I am excited each morning to climb my stairs to my prayer closet. I can’t tell you exactly when this time with Abba became so important to me. There is not one thing I can point to and say, “That was the turning point.” It happened gradually over time. Looking back I see many events intricately woven together by my loving Abba. He did this because He wanted to spend time with me!
He wanted to spend time with me? Yes and He wants to spend time with you also. In this section of my blog will feature my insights on my times spent with Abba.
When I can, I sit in my upstairs room with the curtains open. It is pitch black when first go up. But, glancing up from time to time, I will start to see some color in the sky. If the sky is not overcast I get a beautiful show.
As the day awakens all I see is a deep blue, barely discernible from the night it encroaches on. Depending on certain elements, I see streaks of pink splashed across the sky as the blue lightens. The sight of the sunrise is not my only joy, the sounds are awesome too. The birds are awakening…lazy creatures, I have been up 30 minutes or more by this time. They sing a sweet song as they greet another day. I imagine they must be thanking our Abba for the new sunrise.
On the tab, Sunrise With Abba, you will find my insights during these Sunrises with Abba. It may be only a scripture or it may be a paragraph or two. No matter what form it takes, I will share with you what Abba is showing me as I sit with Him.  
My prayer for this particular part of my blog is to encourage you to begin your own walk with Abba. If you are currently walking with Abba daily, I pray you will continue that walk. I pray each of you will grow in your devotion to Abba and in His Grace.
I am mulling over the first insight I want to share.  Ironically it came to me when I was preparing the graphic for this post. Come back, read and let me know what you think through commenting below or on my Facebook page.
*Abba is an Aramaic word meaning nothing more than “father”. Aramaic was the spoken language in Israel in the time of Christ.

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    What a wonderful way to start your day.

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      Thank you!

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