Get ready to align your heart, find your purpose and start walking in it!

My main focus is helping women going through different seasons of life and feeling they have lost their purpose. When the truth is, it's not lost, it's buried...sometimes deeply buried.

As women going through changes in our lives we find, that we have done so many things and worn so many hats, we are not sure anymore which one fits us now, if any.
For the ever-present mom, the kids are leaving the nest.

For the career woman, that time is approaching its end.

For the wife, the marriage has suffered due to other obligations.

For the friend, we find ourselves alone as so many changes take place.

Knowing where to turn, and how to find that passion again is where I come in.

I will give you the tools to dig, excavate if you will, the truths hidden deep in your heart. Your purpose has never left or changed.
Your calling and mission may have shifted, but your purpose is still waiting for you.

Let's find it together!

Client Testimonials
Heather H.

"Cindy was well prepared for our call and I already feel like I have the clarity and direction I was looking for. Cindy was extremely professional and encouraging. I am so looking forward to working with her. Thank you so much Cindy!!
Laurie B.

"It is amazing to me how I have seen the gifts I have to offer that I know I would have looked past if not broken down in this way. I have a different perspective on where I have been and the value of the growth that has happened along the way. I feel truly blessed to have found Cindy!
Jennifer M.

"Before I even had my session she had a few questions for me to answer so she knew right where I was and what I needed so she could help me quickly without wasting my time. Thank you so much Cindy for helping me and I can't wait to continue checking in once a month so I can make sure I am on the right path.
Brittany B.

"Cindy went WAYYYYYY above and beyond what I would have expected out of her! She was able to pinpoint things about myself that I could not see or didn't have the words for. I have so much clarity around who I want to serve and how I am going to serve them!"
Finding Rehoboth

What is Rehoboth? By definition, "wide open space or spaces". I was given this word in 2022, not sure how I was going to use it, but knowing that the Lord would reveal to me when and how. Well, the time is now and the the how...well that's a special community I have built to teach women Bible study, give encouragement, help you learn, grow, and heal. It is also a space for you to pour into each other. Would you like to know more? Click the button below.