Purpose-Seeking Faithful Women

This is a Community of women where I teach and encourage women like yourself. And where you can connect with other women, looking to have a meaning walk in their calling with the Lord.

Life & Lagniappe
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I call my blog Life & Lagniappe. (Lan Yap) Why? Lagniappe means something given as a bonus or extra gift and that is exactly what my blog is. It's all about life and will give you a bonus, and an extra gift.

Heart Centered Goals Guide

Are your goals heart-centered? Do you know what heart-centered goals are? Grab this free guide and learn to set and complete your goals in a manner that aligns with your heart.

Confidence Affirmations

Do you need help some days simply to keep going? Grab these affirmations and walk with confidence in your purpose and calling!

10 Steps to Protect Yourself From Burnout

Burnout is very real and I believe more prevalent than ever! In 2019, I was in the middle of burnout and wasn't even aware of it. In this free guide, you will find tips taken from women across 3 generations on how to avoid and/or move out of burnout!