Oola Life Coach


Welcome to my Oola Life Coaching page. After spending 30 years encouraging people to live their best life, developing my coaching skills in the corporate world for over 13 years, and working to hone my personal development during that same time, I have become certified as a life coach.


I chose Oola due to their heart for helping people and their vision for sharing Oola with the world to help everyone find balance in their lives.


What? You have never heard of Oola? Oola is short for Ooh La La. It represents a life balanced in 7 key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (Career), Faith, Friends and Fun. When these 7 areas are balanced, life rolls along like a well-rounded wheel. My life has not always been balanced and I work daily to get it there and keep it there.


Join me here to find how you can balance your life also. Want to jump right in? Reach out by commenting below, on my Facebook page Living A Transformed Life, or send text to 615-266-5252 to schedule your free 30 minute discovery call.