Hiding the Scales

March 31, 2017

As we get a little older and our bodies transform, weight loss becomes a little harder. Even a lot harder for some of us. Do you struggle? Are you looking to the scales for validation? Are they not moving fast enough for you?

A little while back, as I was about to crawl into bed one night, I decided to weigh myself. Don’t ask why I was weighing at night. I weigh in the mornings not at night. But there I am in a mostly dark room standing on the scale. Then when it beeps that its struggle is over, I grab my phone get the screen on and try to see the number with the light. Don’t ask why I didn’t turn the light on to weight myself…I don’t know.
Michael pipes up from the bed…”Why are you weighing yourself?” This from the man that will weigh himself 2 to 3 times a day. Then again from the bed, “Don’t you tell everyone to go by how their clothes fit and measure themselves, not weigh?” Well he had me there. Since I couldn’t justify my late night or even morning weigh-ins, I hid the scale from myself, under the bed.
Now tell me, does it actually help, when YOU hid something from YOURSELF? You know where it is…and it taunts you. Have ever had hidden a favorite food from yourself? Made it harder to get to? Has that ever deterred you? Have you been able to get the thought of the taste out of your mind? I bet you have gotten the stepladder down, or slipped away out of sight and taken a bite or two…or ate the whole thing! Most us have.
I know the scales aren’t food, but they can be as addictive. I could hear them calling me from under the bed the next morning, “Pull me out and step aboard. Once won’t hurt. Come on, you know you want to know how much damage you did over the weekend.”
I am proud to say, I did not pull them out that time. I left the taunting hecklers in the dark with the dust bunnies right where I put them. I said that time, didn’t I? They have again taken up residence in a prominent place in our bedroom. The difference is, I don’t check my weight daily, or even weekly.
When working on a healthier lifestyle we should be aware what we weigh is only a part of the equation. How our clothes fit is another part. Are body parts trying to choke us at night? You ladies that are well endowed know exactly what I am talking about.
Another part of the equation and a very important part is our general health. What medications are we taking daily that we know are due to our weight? Do we have the energy we should have? Do we feel well or do we feel blah?
I am not a nutritionist, but I do tell people I could write a book on nutrition. I have read so much over the years on what to eat and what to not eat. When to eat and when to not eat. What is the best work out. When to work out. I have enough information in my poor brain, it makes my head spin.
As I start my personal journey over again, I invite you to come along. I will share recipes as I remake them. I will share my pitfalls and my victories. Comment and I will cheer you on. I want to simplify what can be done to get healthier and in the process drop some pounds.
I want to embrace wellness.  How about you? Does this sound good? Stick around, share and connect with me on my Facebook page

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