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Why I Chose To Write About Transformation

March 31, 2017

What recent transformations have you had in your life? Are you going through changes and challenges now? Is your job satisfying? How about your health or your relationships? Are you transitioning an adult child out of the house or back in? Those are the thing I will address here at “Living A Transformed Life”

When I decided it was time to “Break Into” the world of blogging, I stopped and thought long and hard about what I had to say. What would bring you the reader to this blog? Was my voice any different that anyone else’s? What would be appealing about my voice?
When the idea that I should blog was first rolling around in my head, a couple things were happening…
  • I was planning a wedding for our daughter, Sarah.
  • I had recently come through a very difficult season at work.
As I looked back over the last few years, I could see a distinct call from God to come back home. I could feel a call from God to come back to worship, back to the very heart of worship. This journey back took me through a good bit of my adult life. This reflection helped me to see life has been one continual transformation for me.
How about you? Can you look back and see the changes brought about through this process we call life? We all need encouragement and even at times guidance through our times of growth and change. The gift of encouragement is one the Lord bestowed on me years ago and I thank him for that. I will use that gift here to help you and me both.   That answered the question of what would bring you here.  You are looking for encouragement.
Looking at what I would write about, would it be any different than anyone else’s? That question I can and can’t answer. We all have a story to tell. How we tell that story will be different from how someone else would. This is true even when the circumstances are similar. Each of us has a unique way of weaving our words together to make a cohesive testimony. That is the part I can answer…yes what I write will be different in that it comes from me. Is someone else writing on this topic? Could be they are, but it’s with their voice…not mine.
The last question is what would be appealing about what I have to say. I hope that you will find encouragement in my writing, along with healthy doses of love. I hope you will find laughter from time to time and a new way of looking at things. I pray you will learn to forgive yourself for failing at something. Then learn to embrace the love and forgiveness our Father has to offer each of us.
What can you expect to find here? A little bit of everything! One of my passions is taking care of my family, through finding out how to best care for them and their needs. Michael (my sweet husband) and I are in good health. Even so, we are starting to experience some of the ailments that come as we grow older (mind you I said older, not old). These “experiences” have me searching for the best way to take care of our health. I am working out the best way for us to eat and be active.  As I try new things, I will share with you what is helping and what is not.
Look for posts about re-purposing furniture and crafting.  Post about home organization and my spiritual journey back to God. And on occasion a meandering post because I have a thought going through my head.
So now I invite you to browse the site. You can leave a comment here, or you can pop over to my Facebook page and leave a comment there.  And while you are there, would you like my page please? I will post words of encouragement there and every time I have a new post, I will share the link there.


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