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And We’re Off…Well Maybe Not

April 2, 2017

Have you ever been so ready to do something you just can’t wait?  Have you had a dream, you are seeing come to fruition and feel you have to tell someone?  Have you announced you are doing it only to have circumstances arise? Now you can’t pull it off when you announced you would.  I did when I initially planned to launch this blog. Here’s how I  “jumped the gun” and what I learn in the process.

On February 20, 2017 I announced on my business and personal Facebook pages, I was launching my blog on March 1, 2017. Being a writer, I felt writing a handful of blog posts was not a too big of a task in a little over a week.  The weeks before had been filled with the technical aspects of blogging.  I had been doing the things I could not yet hire someone to do for me.  By the way, hiring someone to handle the technical side of things is my first priority when I start to see income from running my own business.

Back to the announcement… Imagine how I felt when I realized that indeed all the technical aspects had not been worked out.  Through a class I was taking I realized I needed an email capture, so I could stay connected with you my reader.  I won’t bore you with the details, but this meant more excruciating technical work.  Mind you, I can get it done, eventually.
So, what do we do when the setbacks come and we end up with egg on our faces, because we did not pull it off as expected?  Seriously, I had announced to around 1,000 people I was launching a blog on 3/1 and…nothing.  I kept thinking I should go back and make a new announcement.  Sorry folks, I jumped the gun.  Blog not happening until ???
To me this was not the answer.  I honestly did not know when I could launch.  But I did know what I could do.  I could always do the next thing.  For me that meant to fix my issues, and start writing.  Focus on what was at hand and use the tools given to me.  It was that simple.
Sometimes simple is in the what but not in the how.  Let me explain what I mean.  Knowing what I had to do and setting myself to that task was simple, but actually pulling off the task, not so much.  I struggled with the email capture, a lot.  It was not a simple for me.  Looking back I see it could have been much easier if I had known then what I know now.  But that is always the case, isn’t it?
I have rambled I know, but I want you to be clear on the fact that jumping the gun on something is not the end of the world.  Setbacks come, and they will go.  It’s in how you handle those setbacks.
Do you stop altogether, ashamed you can’t do it when you said you would?  Do you admit your error and do the next thing to get it done?  What do you do?
What you do next depends on your circumstances.  But you need to do something.  Look at the questions below to help you decide your next steps.
  1. If you told your boss you would have something done by a certain time and cannot now meet that date, you need to let them know immediately.  But before talking with them, have an idea of a new deadline date.  Please don’t make excuses.  State what has happened and how you plan to fix it.
  2. If you made a commitment to family or friends or a colleague and cannot now full fill in the time frame you committed, please let them know.  When talking with them, follow the guidelines above.
  3. If you announced to a large group of people, let’s say on Facebook and you received comments like “I can’t wait!”, “So excited!”.  A follow up post might be appropriate, but you need to weigh it out.  If you don’t know when you will be able to complete the endeavor, let them know that. Be honest.
My announcement on Facebook was met with a few likes, but nothing more, so I chose to do the next thing for me, which was to fix the technical problems I was having.  I did not announce the delay. There was not a lot of response to the initial announcement, so I did not feel a a post about the delay was needed.  Also, I could not tell anyone when I would now launch the blog.  Looking back, I think I should have made a quick Uh Oh post.
So here we are today.  As you can see I have overcome those technical issues and have indeed launched.  I posted another launch announcement on 4/1/17 sharing my intentions to launch on 4/3/2017.  And since it was April Fools day and I had already announced the launch with nothing happening, I thought this announcement was very appropriate.
At some time in our lives we will all may proclamations that may fall short of our expectations.
My advise?  Admit your mistake. Do the next thing.  Fix the problem and get on with it!



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