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Hello Again!!

April 1, 2020

Dear Reader,

Welcome back and hello again! If you are here for the first time, welcome! Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get into your comfy chair and let’s chat for a bit.

I am writing again and ready to encourage you, love you and hopefully make you think a little, or maybe even a lot. It’s ironic I am relaunching “Living a Transformed Life” today, April 1. It was on this date in 2017, when this blog was born. And as anyone who writes can tell you, pouring your heart and soul out into the written word is much like childbirth. All at the same time, there is pain, there is joy and there is your baby!! Welcome to my baby!!

Right now seemed like the perfect time to relaunch, as there is so much uncertainty in the world. So many people are sitting at home right now, wondering what is going to happen to them, their families, their friends, etc. I can’t tell you the answer to your questions, but I can tell you this…God knows what is happening and he loves you more than you can ever imagine. He has not been caught off guard. He has not been sleeping. He has been here the whole time watching over us. That doesn’t mean there won’t be heartache and uncertainty. Just as we allow our children to weather their own storms to aid in their growth, God allows the same in our lives. This is indeed a storm and it will pass. The question is, how will you come out on the other side.

Please come by and sit with me through the coming weeks as I share what is laid on my heart for each of you. We may cry a little, laugh a lot and get to know new friends. I want to offer you a connection in these disconnected times. And please don’t worry. In these times, I am not here to capitalize on your fear or concerns. I am here to love on you and give you a safe place to come.

I welcome your comments, the good, the bad, but never the ugly. Please feel free to express yourself here or on my Facebook page @cindylivingatransformedlife. But understand when you comment, I will not tolerate nasty remarks, no matter who they are aimed towards. Yes express yourself, but do so in a polite manner. We need more love and understanding now more than ever before. I have the right and will exercise it to delete any comments that do not comply.


Cindy, author of “Living a Transformed Life”

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash



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