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Welcome and thank you for joining me here at Living A Transformed Life!

This site is to help in navigating the transformations that come with life. Especially those transformations we as women face as we go into the “mid” years of our lives. Change can be painful, if we are not prepared, caught off guard, or fight it.  At “Living A Transformed Life”, I don’t claim to have all the answers or even most of them. My goal is to share how I have navigated these years and the changes so far.

I want to help you laugh as you walk out your journey. To show you it’s OK to cry from time to time. To tell you it’s OK to fall flat on your face and to help you get up when you do fall. To hold your hand as you step into the frightening aspects of life as a woman at mid-life and beyond.

You will find my take on how to do this thing called life better, to embrace the changes and live transformed. I will talk very honestly and candidly about my transformations. How I have handled them. And you will see that I don’t always handle things well.  We will explore how to prevent fatigue and lack of wellness in our lives.  How to say good-bye to those adults we once tucked into bed and read to…now that our children are leaving home.

We will also explore our walk with our Lord. Mine has been a slow stroll at best and sometimes I have stopped and taken a long nap. Though I am up and walking again, I will go back and share the past. I will share those times of sitting on the bench or napping, not moving forward with Him.

You will see, I don’t go gracefully into everything that comes my way. Indecision has been the main theme in my life. I have bounced from one thing to another. Chasing the elusive butterfly of success and not fully understanding what success means.

Then in 2007, I re-entered the workplace after 18 years at home. I spent those years raising and homeschooling our only child Sarah! Homemaking is something that was and still is so satisfying to me. I loved those years, but they had ended and it was time to go back to work.

I worked for a rather large company that afforded me the opportunity to move around. And move around I did. In under 9.5 years, I held 9 jobs. I told you I could be indecisive.

When I left the company in December of 2016, people asked me what my plans were. I could list at least 5 pursuits I planned to go after. And the first 3 months, that is what I did. I chased those elusive butterflies again.

I did that until early in March 2017. In my Bible study time one morning, the Lord revealed some things to me. I was too scattered! Imagine that! I ended up face down that morning in prayer, calling out to Him for Focus. Standing up from this time in prayer, the focus was clear. This blog, “Living A Transformed Life” would take precedence over everything.

Did everything magically fall into place then? No! And I did not expected it to. After all, He provides for the sparrows, but He does not place it in their nest. They must be obedient, and go find His provision. 

That is what I am doing. I am being obedient. Following His lead and focusing on “The One Thing” He has shown me. Focusing on “The Best Thing.”

Due to my indecision for so many months, I found myself back in the workforce, but this time doing what I felt was exactly what I should have been doing in my previous job…leading a staff of customer service reps. I have been doing that for 2 years now and boy do I have some stories to tell! I am honing my skills at managing the work and leading the people.

Please continue to join me here as I share my journey and give you encouragement on yours. We will work on our wellness and make things over. We will take a look at our family relationships and our relationship with our Father.

Since you are here, I would think you and I have a lot in common. I am so glad you joined me!  Now let’s see what we can get into!

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