What's A Muse & Is Yours Napping?
As I have been about the task of getting my writing career up and going, I have come across a lot of talk about muses. If you are like me, you may picture a muse as a fairy-like creature that comes to you and whispers wonderful, creative ideas in your head. It’s true, the term muse comes from Greek and Roman mythology, but a muse is nothing more that something or someone that inspires you.

One of my greatest muses is my own imagination, my own thoughts. That may sound strange but indulge me for a moment.

I was blessed with a vivid imagination and parents who did not try to dampen it in any way. They encouraged me to write, when at the age of seven I discovered how much I enjoyed it. Both my mom and dad read a lot of what I wrote over the years and always cheered me on to do more.

I started having trouble writing my first semester of college. Mom had suggested I go into journalism since I loved to write so much. She thought I would be good at it. I was not. Journalistic writing is so far from my heart. 

I also had an English professor that thought my writing needed some “adjusting”. At eighteen I had no idea what constructive criticism was.  I had spent years hearing how good my writing was. Even my high school English teacher praised what I wrote. 

Not knowing what to do with what I was hearing, I simply decided to stop writing and put my muse down for a nap. The problem was, she didn’t just nap, I put her into a coma. 

Over the years, I would let her open her eyes for a moment, then right back to sleep I would send her. I didn’t have time for her. Life was too busy; I was too lazy.

Last year, my muse was aroused from her slumber like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. I hid the spindles and poison apples and let her out to play. 

Since that time, I have written in two book collaborations, restarted my blog, in the process of writing my own book and contemplating a book collaboration of my own. 

I also journal each morning and jot down notes all the time for future musings like this. Reading and listening to how others have brought their creativity out is now a quest of mine.

I invite you to join me. Find your muse (she is probably sleeping just inside your consciousness), take the steps necessary to rouse her and get started on your own creative quest!

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