What if Every Day Were New Year's Day?
Happy New Year! If you are like most people, you started your day with expectations of the upcoming year! Expectations of something better, possibly an easier year than last year. That’s great, but I have a challenge for each of us.
Today holds so much promise, as does the brand-new year! But what if we treated every day like New Year’s Day? Fresh…New…Exciting!! What if we wished each other a great year and blessings each day? What if we wrote down our goals and vowed to ourselves to make this day...the day we are in…no matter the date, the day of new beginnings, a day of re-birth for our dreams? A day so full of promise for the next 365 days it created excitement and joy?
What would happen…what if? Could it spur us to accomplish our goals, to act a little kinder, to love a little harder and to reach a little farther?
Here is the challenge! When you wake up tomorrow, greet the day with a hardy Happy New Year! Do everything you do tomorrow as if it’s a fresh beginning, a new start. Because it is.
I am not saying to start over on your projects, but to look at each project with fresh eyes , a renewed hope and conviction that yes you can complete it.
Let’s decide right now to treat each of our tomorrows like they are the first day of the new year. After all they are the first day of your next three hundred and sixty-five days! You get to decide how your year will go. You get to leave behind the last year each day!
Are you ready for your best year ever! Then start it each day you wake up. Do a little more than last year, do a little better than last year. I guarantee, when January first of the next year rolls around you will be so much farther towards you dreams than you think possible right now!

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- Cindy Dement -


  1. Love it! Yes each day is a brand new day.
    Cindy Dement AUTHOR  01/04/2022 07:13 PM Central
    Doesn't that add so much hope?
  2. As I went through this blog I thought, Lord, you are empowering us with this same message-hope&peace…
    John 16:33 KJVS
    [33] These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
    We can OVERCOME!
    Cindy Dement AUTHOR  01/04/2022 07:13 PM Central
    Yes Debra! Hope and peace in all things!

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