3 Tips on How to be Consistent
For me consistency was an issue for many reasons.

1. While I said certain things were important to my life, I was not showing that in how I handled them. Consistency was an issue and still can be at times. I can blame this on many things, but let’s be honest. I was lazy in my personal and business life. Getting up a little early to do something I said I “wanted” to do didn’t happen because I would rather get a little more sleep. After all, I went to bed late the night before and so now I needed that extra rest. So…why did I go to bed late? Maybe watching TV or doing something else otherwise unproductive.

- Remedy - Setting a bedtime and making myself adhere to it and then setting an alarm to get up at a set time every day (M-F). To make this successful, I had to look at what I wanted to accomplish and make it real. Getting into my own head and determining to do what I wanted I had to make big changes and a set time to sleep was one of those things. It was something I simply had to do. No magic tricks here. DO IT!

2. I took on too many things at once. This caused overwhelm, frustration at not getting anything completed and lack of focus, or misdirected focus.

- Remedy - This was a big thing with me. I wanted to do all the things I knew needed to be done all at once. ALL THE THINGS. I still struggle with this. My reasoning is I am 62, I need to accomplish so much NOW!!  That is a thought that must be taken captive, cast away and then replaced with a new thought, the truth, which is this…God gave me this purpose and He will see the fulfillment through when I do my part. This truth has caused me to take one thing at a time and finish it, then move on to the next. Doing this has calmed my spirit and brought a peace into my workspace that is refreshing. And the payoff is, more now than ever, I am accomplishing the things I need to accomplish…one at a time.

3. Not planning has also been an issue that has led to my lack of consistency in the past.
- Remedy - this is a 2 part answer:
1. The first part is to plan by setting goals. Good goals, that will stretch you and help 
you to reach your dreams and beyond.
2. Second, write out what you need to do every day to accomplish your goals. I am a list maker by nature. List making helps me buy what I need and not forget things. I have used list making to make sure I pack and take what I need for trips (though I did leave a whole set of clothes on the back of the door one time when leaving on a trip, but that’s another post, another day). But using a list for daily tasks was not something I used. In Oola, we encourage our clients to use an index card, divided in half with a line from top to bottom. On the left side is listed skittles (tasks that aren’t tied to our goals) and on the right is listed oranges (those tasks that need to be done to move us further towards our goals). Whether you choose to do the Oola method, using a notepad or a task list in your phone, do it, make sure you list out and do your priorities first. Those things that will help you reach your goals.

You will be consistent in your life and business when you Implement the above tips… (1)a consistent bedtime and rise time, (2)doing one thing until completed before moving on to the next, and (3)planning through setting goals and using a tool to help you set daily tasks to move you towards those goals. These have helped me accomplish so much with consistency and they will help you too!

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- Cindy Dement -


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